Our Story

The company was founded by Joseph "Dziadzi" (jaw-gee) Kowalonek in 1911. It started as a small grocery store on Chestnut and Chester streets in Shenandoah Pa.. Eight years later the shop was moved to the corner of Chestnut and Columbus. The business was passed down to Joseph's sons Paul and Leonard. Although it was a small store in a small town, people came from all over for the famous kielbasy produced by the entire family in the kitchen adjoining the store.

The kielbasy was cherry-wood smoked in an 8x8 smoke shack down the street and the aroma would spread throughout the entire neighborhood. In the early 1980's Paul's son Mark joined the business and took the helm after Leonard's death. Mark and his father Paul began developing new products based on Dziadzi's old world recipes and soon the Chestnut Street shop was too small to handle the demand created by the wide variety of products now being offered. The store moved to its current location on South Main Street in the mid 1980's. Dedicated employees utilize state of the art technology to produce the finest quality meats with old world tradition.